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Eco-responsible engagement

CVTO is now certified Clef verte Argent to raise our level of environmental management and ensure consistency.

In itself, providing inscpections and not mechanical work, CVTO produces very little waste but makes a constant effort to reduce consumption in connection with the hierarchy of 4RE (reduction, reuse, recycling, recovery and elimination)

CVTO and its employees have since established a green commitment that goes as follows

  • CVTO manages its toxic and non-toxic waste in an eco-responsible manner and according to our Waste Management Guide
  • CVTO attempts to greatly reduce paper consumption by promoting communication by email and avoiding unnecessary printing of documents. The reuse of already printed paper is also valued
  • CVTO recommends the selection of eco-responsible products such as FSC paper or biodegradable cleaners
  • CVTO reduces its energy consumption by using optimized systems of lighting and heating

In addition, since CVTO and its leaders believe in the social responsibility of an organization, the company takes part in several fundraising activities every year.

FSC® paper stands for Forest Stewardship Council®, the world’s most widely used environmental certification. Its mission is the good management of forests and the traceability of wood products by respecting rigorous environmental, social and economic standards in accordance with ten principles and more than fifty criteria.